Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hopscotch & a Super-sized A+

A few weeks ago, legendary couple Josh and Lauren set up a creative studio in Sydney (part of the 66 Oxford Street Project) and named it Homework. They invited me in to to reminisce my school yard days and liven up their floors with some hopscotch, a giant A+, a few lines of cursive and of a handball court. It was a blast! The A+ was the largest letter I've drawn to date... a record just waiting to be broken!


Amanda Rootsey said...

Awesome Gem! xx

Steph said...

Hello there hi!

I love your work - I have fallen a little bit in love with hand-drawn typography and typography in general thanks to you. ( I think I first saw you in Frankie Magazine?)

But yes, thought I would pop over and say hello!

But most of all... consider my delight when I was in a COFA design lecture and you appeared!
It was marvellous! Thank you so very much, you have inspired in me a new obsession with typography, even though it might not come to much :)

Perhaps some experiments shall appear on my blog
sometime soon!

Thanks again,


PT said...

dang you are a talent

CarriCoffee said...

i can't see a way to contact you but i featured you in a list of blogs i really like and it's here if you want to have a look or share the link anywhere :) not spamming just couldn't see an email anywhere! x elva

t said...

i follow your blog and looked for a contact but couldnt find. im a signwriter from Oz, living in Buenos Aires. I by chance live in a neighbourhood with (i find) the best hand written signs anywhere in the world. Would love to send you some pics. So if would like to get in touch and delete this comment(or not post) my contact is

Anonymous said...

OOOh the hopscotch looks like so much fun! Just beautifully rad! Love your work miss!
Beck x